February 21, 2019




I have been having body issues for the longest time. Whether it was with having psoriasis, being too skinny as a child or being slightly over weight after having my third child. It has always been something that I just wanted to accept and love.

I got portraits done of myself last year by a local photographer – I did them for myself because I was working out and I needed that pick me upper after all the hard work I did.  I ended up loving  them because the photographer  knew exactly how to show off my best body parts. She knew I had a strong jaw line and chin, she knew that I had some mummy tummy and knew how to pose me so that I didn’t showed  off anything in a unflattering way. Props to her!

So then I got thinking that I wanted to try and photograph some ladies again, but I didn’t want the whole boudoir look- I wanted them to represent a journey. Whether it be a fitness journey, after baby journey or just because!

I photographed some stunning woman – they all had the same type of story. ” I want to look good, I feel better about my body, I just want some pretty photos”.

As I photographed these woman, I took a look at them and just saw beauty all over them! Isn’t it cray cray when someone can see something beautiful in you and you can’t?

I made sure to try my best to photograph each person’s best figure in an artsy way with music on so that they could feel the moment. I wanted to give them more of an experience with loving and accepting their bodies instead of just clicking away not knowing what the outcome was going to be. I saw their best features and then got to pose them in a way that represented beauty!

Ending note. We just got to love our bodies! We have had babies, we have grown into our skin, grew out of our skin or had many adventures and probably got hurt along the way. We have to accept it for what it’s worth and not what its not doing. But then again, I am a hypocrite and I need to work on these things too.. but for now I’ll  keep showing my clients what their bodies are worth in photographs!

Im totally in love with Fine Art Photography and this is something that I will keep studying and perfecting.


Christine Grace



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