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Hello, I’m Christine Grace!

A wedding and lifestyle photographer and a mother of three, I’m always on the go. I’m driven by my love for those around me and a desire to help everyone feel their best, a passion I applied to my former career as a healthcare aid and a skill that has become the backbone of my photography philosophy. A strong woman of faith in God, I'm thankful to use my passion for photography to help others see themselves in a new light and appreciate the qualities that make them shine. I was recently baptized in September 2023 and am growing with my relationship with Jesus.

owner & lead photographer of christine grace photography and founder of white haus studio oakville

I desire to help everyone feel their best.

Beyond the lens and the shutter, the story of a photographer is a collection of moments. For Christine, it all began outside the frame of the camera, amidst the joyous chaos of raising three children and caring for her beloved pets, Molly and Alora. When she's not setting up for a photoshoot or cheering from the sidelines at a soccer game, she's likely to be exploring the hidden corners of cities around the world. The breathtaking beauty of the Greek islands, the romantic cobblestone streets of France - every city has its own character, and nothing brings Christine more joy than capturing it through her lens.

Christine has dedicated countless hours, days, and years to honing her craft. While primarily self-taught, she has expanded her skills through workshops and online courses with acclaimed, D'arcy Benincosa, and more.. Christine is a lifelong learner, dedicated to keeping step with the cutting edge of her field.

But what truly sets Christine apart is her love of fashion and her unique approach to guiding clients. She helps each individual feel their best in front of the camera, offering outfit ideas and guidance on posing that consider different shapes and heights. She's even considering offering a shopping add-on as part of her packages.

Christine's journey is one of passion and dedication. Her story is not just about photography, but about capturing the beauty in every moment and the joy of every day.

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I am a single mother of 3 beautiful children, one currently in university. I know, I get it all the time... " You do not look like you have a child in University, how old are you then?" I guess you'll never know until you ask!

I opened a studio in August and learned how to use a saw and nail gun to do my own wainscotting. I mostly did the renos by myself.

I was baptized in September 2023 . I have been growing my relationship with Jesus and I am so happy to have grown my relationship with God.

Christine taught her very first workshop at The Doctor's House in Keinburg, ON. Christine firmly believes in the power of teaching and mentorship. As someone who adores sharing her craft, she advocates for finding a mentor who resonates with your artistic vision, guiding you along the path to mastery.

Philosophy & Mission

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At our photography studio, we believe in harnessing the power of natural light to capture authentic beauty, allowing women to feel both feminine and empowered in their portraits. For branding and wedding photography, we strive to immortalize love in candid, intimate, and editorial frames, ensuring each moment is as genuine as it is stunning. In family photography, our goal is to encapsulate every stage of life, adapting seamlessly to a child's needs to create a collection of heartfelt and precise moments, while fostering meaningful connections with each family.


Our mission is to utilize the enchanting allure of natural light, crafting photography that not only showcases genuine beauty but also empowers women to embrace their femininity and strength. In our branding and wedding photography, we seek to immortalize love in its most authentic, candid, and editorial form, capturing the raw emotions that make each moment unique. As you step into our studio, the warm embrace of natural light will envelop you, creating an atmosphere of love and tranquility. For family photography, we pledge to capture every precious stage of life, adapting seamlessly to each child's needs, while nurturing enduring relationships with every family we work with.

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Whether it's the love shared between partners, the warmth of family, or the essence of your brand and business, we believe that your authentic self deserves to shine through in every image.  Get in touch today to discuss your vision and begin creating beautiful, lasting memories.

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