Happy Birthday, to my beautiful daughter!

August 3, 2020

I can’t believe another year has gone by!

We decided to go to Oakville, Ontario to Trafalgar street to a cute condo building that I fell in love with, it reminded me a little bit of Paris, France to be honest!

Mileena is getting to that age (15 years old) where she knows what she wants to wear. SO, I let her pick her own outfit this time around! ( From Garage)

I reached out to a company https://www.ettridges.com/ for beautiful ballon displays! They made here the cutest display and left it on the front door! Mileena loved them so much! We brought them over to the shooting locating.

Im so proud to be this young, beautiful little woman’s Mother!

Mileena has taught me so many things. She has encouraged me in ways she’ll never know! She has a heart of gold and cares so much about random people. She will give anyone compliments, she has a heart of gold! A beautiful singing voice and a wonderful laugh!

Hope you had an amazing birthday, Mileena!

Love your Mom!


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