Fine Art Portraits – Capture them when they are little

February 21, 2019


The best part about being a Fine Art Photographer is that I get to use my children as models.

We finally got our home renovated, I  mean like its kinda finished?  We still have doors to change, decor changes etc. But Im happy to say that we are finally adding art to our walls.

When I say “art”, that of course are photographs of our children.

While photographing Ella, I just wanted to put her in an editorial look and mix it up with her true emotions.

I put on some models posing on youtube and then began photographing her. Ella usually charges me $10 a session but she settled for  gummies.

Now I need to get my other two children’s portraits completed for the walls before I have another cray cray idea.

Side note: I plan to blow one these up and edit in a black and white edit.



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